South West Care Collaborative Memberships

The SWCC is supported by a steering group which currently has 7 members representing 18 homes, just over 600 beds and over 725 staff across Devon.

Membership is predominately from residential homes but also includes some nursing homes.

We welcome Providers, Care Home Managers or other interested individuals to join.

The advantages of being a member

By joining you become a member of a proactive provider led group looking to continually improve on the service we deliver. We strive to continually ensure we are following best practice within our homes.

As a member you are invited to participate in Peer Reviews. Members agree a reciprocal visit to each other’s homes to conduct an “appreciative inquiry”. The topic chosen for review is usually from the latest Skills Academy Master Class. Members find these reviews a useful part of their quality assurance and good evidence when completing CQC’s Provider Information Return (PIR).

Membership is currently on offer for £250 until December 2019. If purchased before December 2018 you will receive two complimentary tickets to the SWCC Conference on 6th December (see our upcoming events for more details). Further information can be obtained by contacting us on: [email protected]

As a member:

As a member you will receive access to the Members Download Section of the website which will contain copies of any presentations shared, templates for peer reviews etc.

All providers are welcome to be a part of what we believe is a great network and a cost effective way to improve the lives of those in our care.

Contact us today to become a member