Welcome to the South West Care Collaborative

The South West Care Collaborative was established in 2012 by a group of independent care providers. Supported by a steering group of 7 providers the SWCC welcomes Providers, Registered Managers and care staff within Devon to become members of the SWCC.

Our aim

The SWCC continues to grow and has a lot of local as well as national and international interest from CQC, DCC and the NHS.

Each year a number of priorities are identified which become the themes of our ‘SWCC Skills Academy’ events and subsequent peer reviews. Peer reviews are seen as an “appreciative inquiry.” SWCC members offer a reciprocal visit to each other’s homes using an evidence based approach to share and learn in a respectful way.

We welcome new members from those committed to improving the lives of those living in our care through a programme of continual review and improvement.

Our ethos:

commitment to ongoing improvement, sharing best practice and instilling pride and positive values about life in care homes across Devon.

Contact us today to become a member